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Project 365
In which I post a photo a day starting Jan. 1, 2012

(The gallery takes a while to load.  If it does not load or you
would like to see the photos in order, click here for my blog.)

The following is from Yareah Magazine.

Project 365 by Tamara Linse

This year, I am posting a photo a day on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and my blog, which I’m calling Project 365. It’s inspired by my friend, the artist and writer Pierre Hauser, who is on his third year of a similar project based in New York City, which he posts to his Facebook page.

Of course, I take many more photos than I post, many shots of the same things, and I’m looking for very specific things. Then I use Photoshop to crop and enhance. My goal is to maintain the natural colors—not to use digital enhancement to force the image into the surreal—but I also push them a bit, trying to get closer to my perception than to what the camera simply captured. In cropping I’m looking for a certain compositional balance and an intensity and singularity of focus, and I may blur the background a bit to sharpen it.

I’ve also realized, there are some photos that cannot be taken, that cannot capture the lived experience. The moon over the horizon, for example. To get the image to mirror experience, you have to do serious things in Photoshop with the size of the moon and the balance of light. A photo of standing atop a mountain peak will always be dull and never capture the feeling of vast space and distance.

Above all, I’m trying to get the viewer to see the beautiful world all around us, to focus on things, and I do not take that viewer’s attention for granted. It is imperative that the photo be interesting or aesthetically pleasing in some way. I’m asking for the viewer’s time and attention, and I really try to make the experience worth it.

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