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Winter Trees
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Tamara Linse

Reading at Tin House

Tamara Linse

  Reading at Bread Loaf
On-Again Off-again Audio, An Occasional Podcast


This podcast is a little dark.  Well, very dark.  In fact, it might be one of the darkest stories I've written. It was first published by the great Rusty Barnes in Fried Chicken and Coffee

Click on the player below to hear me read it. Swearing and adult content ~ you've been warned.

If you would like to download this mp3 file, right-click here and save the file to your computer. If the player isn't showing above, you can also double-click on the link in this paragraph for a player to pop up.

PS I must've been tired when I recorded this.  It starts with an "epigraph," not "epigram."  Sheesh.

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