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Winter Trees
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Videos That I've Collected Over the Years

Here's some videos I really like that I've collected over the years that I love.

This so beautifully illustrates the concept of story.  Interesting character wants something, tries to overcome obstacles, does unexpectedly, but then a twist ending. Lovely. (From the good people at Arc.)

Jimmy Fallon is one talented individual.  And here he is doing Jim Morrison does children's books.  This is so fabulous.  I can't tell you (Via HuffPo.)

Physics is beautiful.  We go through life taking the world for granted and forget that it is the basis for the arts. (Via Harvard Natural Sciences.)

It this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.  It's not making fun of people ~ It's celebrating them.  ("In Spite of Ourselves, sung by John Prine and Iris DeMent.)

I love how the music imbues this video ~ nothing more than a couple of penguins waddling around ~ with a sense of narrative. It reminds me that anything can have a narrative arc as long as you have thwarted desire. (Via Rebecca Skloot on Facebook)

A video of and about words.  Kinetic Typography animation of Stephen Fry by Matt Rogers of RogersCreations.  I could just listen to this for hours just to hear him speaking. (Via DGLM.)

One vision of the future of the book (from IDEO).  Interesting.

This video has been around for a while, but HILARIOUS.  Book Launch 2.0 by Dennis Cass.  Plus it won the 2010 Moby Best Performance by an Author award.  Not to mention every writer is now grabbing for their pens. :-)

My friend Pembroke Sinclair's book trailer.  Awesome! Thrills and chills. She's really good at intricate plotting, and I particularly like the aliens she creates. Check it out! (I read the book twice.)

What an amazing video!  Radiolab and NPR presents "Words."  The transitions are AMAZING, and you soon realize the words that are conjured by the images.  It's visual poetry in a whole new way.

Now this is what I call a book trailer! Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story.  Hilarious.

I love Mary Gaitskill's fiction.  As she's said many times, it's not about sex, although it has sex in it.  Here's her on Stacked Up wandering around  a bookstore and giving her honest opinion of some of the books.

It's Bronte-saurus, now with barrier-breaking feminist vision!

"Television Is a Drug," by Beth Fulton.  LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!  (I love the way words are used and how it's constructed and the voice.) Via the Rumpus.

If you don't know the name Jacob Appel, you haven't been submitting very long.  His short stories rock, and he's gotten over 20,000 rejections.

"Shake the Dust" by Anis Mojgani.  Wow.  Spoken word poetry.

Karl Marlantes, talking about his book Matterhorn, 30 years in the making.  He says, "Get yourself out of the way.  It's not about you."  I love that.

How many ways can I say that Steve Almond ROCKS!  (I was sitting in the audience for this, and my belly hurt afterward.)

Douglas Adams is just as excellent on video as he is in a book!

A tornado about 75 miles east of where I live on June 5, 2009, in Goshen County, Wyoming.  What I love about this video is the enthusiasm behind the camera, cheering on Mother Nature, the psychology of it all.

This is an amazing video on a number of levels.  It's all just words.  Great marketing idea.  Great sentiment. The voice.  (You have to watch it at least half-way through to get it.) "The Future of Publishing" by DK (UK).

What do you turn to when you feel stomped on?  This always cheers me up.  Jay-Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder."

"Did you write this?" "No." "Who then?" "Charlotte Bronte." "May I speak to her then? It's balls!" Hehehehe. Some wonderful Fry and Laurie.

This is hilarious!  I now know what my problem is: excessive perkiness.  From the Onion.

Science shows that long-term motivation in creative projects is moving toward mastery, not biological motivation or carrot and stick.  Daniel Pink at Author Magazine.

Words have power.  Naming a child "disabled" puts a lid on her and his power.  A fabulous TED talk by model and Paralympic athlete Aimee Mullins.

This American Life's Ira Glass on the gap between what you're trying to achieve and what you're able to.  An excellent point.  There are four segments of this, of which this is the third.

The fabulous J. K. Rowling delivering the commencement address at Harvard.  Everything a speech should be:  funny, heartfelt, moving.  Wow.

Metaphor Matters, by James Geary (on TED).  Something I've long thought:  metaphoric thinking is a basic human impulse and is just as applicable to science as it is to poetry.

This is HILARIOUS!  "Being an agent is EXACTLY like this! Or not...," via the Swivet. (Thanks, Pembroke.)

The world brutalizes girls, and we brutalize the girl inside us ~ the girl inside men and women alike.  Very moving. By Eve Ensler, via TED.

Virtual Reality Professor Randy Pausch's Last Lecture "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" at Carnegie Mellon. As he gives this lecture, Dr. Pausch is dying of pancreatic cancer and has been given 3-6 months to live.  He stresses that we don't achieve things on our own; we get help from lots of people along the way. It's a long lecture but worth viewing to the end.

The Girl Effect.  One of the things that is so amazing about this video, over and above the message, is that it's all done with words.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s wonderful TED talk about the dangers of the single story.  So so true.

One of the most beautiful art films I've seen in a while.  Wizard Smoke, from Salazar.

Have you ever watched the wonderful Wallace and Gromit?  In A Grand Day Out, Wallace tells Gromit, "Hold on, lad, and think of Lancashire Hotpot."  Well, for those of you wondering what Lancashire Hotpot is, here's a great video telling you how. Thanks, Sonja!

Writer Darryl Pinckney on getting older.  I can so relate, not that I was ever really hip.

I'm ambivalent, in the true sense of the word, about being a woman in the West, but this video gets at the ideals of Wyoming, even if those ideals aren't always met.

Here's a rocking book trailer from the New Zealand Book Council for Maurice Gee's Going West.

Here's the inestimable Taylor Mali on the "The The Impotence of Proofreading." Warning: creative use of language.

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