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Tree of Life No. 3, by Andrea Pramuk


The beautiful painting that makes the cover of Deep Down Things as great as it is is Tree of Life No. 3, the work of the artist Andrea Pramuk.

Andrea Pramuk is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Being raised by an art professor and museum curator, Andrea naturally gravitated to art and painting. Soon, it became her life long pursuit. After attending the Kansas City Art Institute and receiving her BFA, she attended the University of Texas at Austin and received her MFA. Today, she is simultaneously pursuing her art career and a career in graphic design and marketing at a local wood painting panel manufacturer. With daily exposure to new materials for artists, she takes full advantage of this unique opportunity to explore diverse applications for her work in mixed media. Andrea is always seeking ways to use her work to support her many humanitarian and environmental causes and is driven by the desire to give new meaning and purpose to what it means to be an artist today both locally and globally. Currently, she lives in Austin, Texas. Here is a great interview with Andrea on

Check out her other amazing work here and here.


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