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P. J. Morgan


The audio version of How to Be a Man is voiced by the inimitable P. J. Morgan. She has a bachelor's in linguistics, with an emphasis on phonetics. Speech sounds and language as both a phenomenon and a science fascinate her. She has many years of stage and screen experience and a love for the written word. She loves reading audiobooks, and using her voice to tell stories. She is also an author, working towards publication of her first novel and has done NaNoWriMo for many years. You can find her at or

Here's what P. J. has to say:

The road to acting was a long one for me. Storytelling has always been a part of my life, from the first tale I wrote at three years old to the stories I would doodle in the margins of notes at school and work, and finally to my first novel draft, completed in 2008. Acting was something more subtle, that manifested in a few plays as a child, to improv classes in high school, and finally to leading roles in community theatre, but it was also an underlying awareness that informed all my actions, from the imaginative games I played when I was a kid to the way I approached unfamiliar, scary, or boring situations (hint: I would pretend to be my favourite fictional characters).

When I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be a professional actor and storyteller, I let out a big sigh of relief. So this is what had always been missing! I’m now involved in community theatre on a regular basis, do short film and TV work, and am applying to several MFA acting programmes. The future is looking exciting.

My other interests and hobbies include: distance running, natural horsemanship, raw foods, knitting and crocheting, putting together Ikea furniture, hiking, and dominating at Monopoly.



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